Obesity is a major issue facing many of our pets today.  Just like humans, obesity in our pets is on the rise and that brings with it many health risks.

Obesity is a disease that is defined by excess body fat and is most commonly caused by excessive calorie intake combined with a lack of exercise.  Obesity has many serious side effects that affect many areas of the body.  Function of the cardiac and respiratory systems can be compromised as well as digestive organs and bones and joints.

Obesity is common amount both cats and dog however is most common in neutered, middle aged pets that live indoors.  Different breeds and different activity levels will affect how your pet gains or looses weight.  Some breeds are highly susceptible to becoming obese and should therefore be fed a diet appropriate for this such as a low calorie weight control diet.  Bringing your pet into your local veterinary clinic is also a great way to keep track of your pets weight.

Our clinic offers free weigh ins and assessments by our qualified veterinary nurses to assess the body condition of your pet

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Image result for body condition score dogs