Dental Disease

Bad breath is something that many dog owners are all too familiar with and it is often just seen as the norm however there may be something more sinister at work!

A staggering 80% of pets over 3 years of age have some form of dental disease!  This is not only gross but the huge amounts of bacteria can also lead to other issues such as tooth root abscesses, pain and swelling in the mouth, reduced ability to eat, increased susceptibility to infection and heart conditions.

Unfortunately there are not many options when it comes to treating dental disease.  Dental disease often has to be treated by anesthetizing the animal and performing a full mouth scale and polish of the teeth- similar to our recommended 6 monthly clean at the dentist.  Prevention of dental disease however is much easier and there are a range of products available to assist with this.  Daily brushing with a special pet toothpaste is the gold standard in dental care however dental foods and chews, mouth rinses and water additives can also be utilized to assist in the prevention of dental disease.

Our clinic offers free dental health checks with our qualified nurses